Department Dermatopharmacology

Objectives and assignments: the department Dermatopharmacology sees itself as a center of competence for the replying and processing of dermatopharmacological questions posed by scientists, pharmacists, physicians and media. At the same time it is tracking center for the exchange of dermatopharmacological findings, experiences and methods. In addition, it forms working groups for certain tasks. A medium-term objective is the publishing of a book project containing a collection and annotations about dermatopharmacological methods.

In the course of the 3rd Annual Meeting 1999 of the GD, the department organized a scientific symposium concerning the topic "Significance of Skin Models for Dermopharmacy".

Head of the department:

Professor Dr. Frank Hevert, Galderma Laboratorium GmbH, Munzinger Straße 5, K-79111 Freiburg.

May 2000: CALL for COOPERATION — Book Project: Catalogue of Dermato-Pharmacological Methods:

One of the aims of the Department Dermatopharmacology is the collection, compilation and later on publication as a catalogue for "bookshelf and bench" of dermato-pharmacological working methods. All scientists are encouraged to send us information about the methods utilized in their laboratories.

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