Department Dermocosmetics

Annual Report about the activities of the Department Dermocosmetics in 1999/2000

(Univ. Prof. Dr. Rolf Daniels, Department Head)

The number of department members has increased from 24 to 27 in the reporting period. The department members met in conferences on

- 26 October 1999 as well as
- 17 February 2000 in Düsseldorf.

On 8 June 1999 the Department Dermocosmetics organized a workshop regarding the subject "Dermocosmetics for dry skin - concept for guidelines for development, documentation and dermatologic analysis" which took place within the frame of the 3rd Annual Meeting of the GD Gesellschaft für Dermopharmazie e.V. (ID Institute for Dermopharmacy) in Berlin (Marienfelde).

The following main results arose from the department work:

Guidelines "Dermocosmetics for the dry skin care"

The preliminary version of these guidelines was adopted on 8 June 1999 after closing of the Department Dermocosmetics' workshop.

This preliminary version of the guidelines already met with considerable - in most cases positive resonance by the expert public as well as layman circles.

The Department adopted unanimously the final version of the guidelines on 17 February 2000. January 2002 has been defined as revision date.

Guidelines "Dermocosmetics for the cleansing of dry skin"

The preparations to establish guidelines for the cleansing of dry skin have been started. A working group consisting of five department members has elaborated a first discussion draft and passed it on to the other department members for comments.

Workshop of the Department Dermocosmetics

The Department Dermocosmetics organizes a workshop concerning the subject "Current cosmetic active substances for the skin protection from ageing". Three competent referees could be won to throw light on this topical field of Dermocosmetics.

The workshop of the Department Dermocosmetics will take place on 23 May 2000, i.e. on the day before the GD's 4th Annual Meeting in Freiburg.

Public Relations

Numerous contacts and inquiries by externals show that the Department is on the right track to be recognized as "Center of Competence" for questions in the field of Dermocosmetics.

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