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Department Extemporaneous Preparations

Objective and Tasks

The department Extemporaneous Preparations sets a focus on the establishing of guidelines and principles in the framework of quality assurance of formulations. So far the following documents have been established:

Guideline „Dermatological Prescription“ in the version of 1 April 2003
„Hygiene Guideline for the Preparation of Non-sterile Pharmaceutical Products in Pharmacies“ in the version of 25 November 2002.

Moreover, the department Extemporaneous Preparations considers itself as expert for questions of preparations of drugs in pharmacies according to prescription and is at the disposal of expert groups and the media for neutral statements.

A new head and its assistants were elected in the GD department Extemporaneous Preparations after a triennial tenure on 30 March 2004 in Halle.

Rosemarie Eifler-Bollen, pharmacist, has been elected the new head of the department Extemporaneous Preparations. She succeeds pharmacist Michaela Tünnermann, Kerken, who did not run for office anymore.

Dr. med. Petra Staubach, dermatologist at the Hautklinik (Dermatological Clinic) of Johannes-Gutenberg-University, Mainz and Dr. Ursula Schöffling, pharmacist, Trier, have been confirmed in their office of assistant department heads.

Head of the Department

Pharmacist Rosemarie Eifler-Bollen, acting head at the Pharmazeutische Laboratorium of the Neue Rezeptur-Formularium (Pharmaceutical Laboratory of the New Prescription Formulatory), Carl-Mannich-Straße 20, D-65760 Eschborn, photograph (E-Mail:

Acting Heads of the Department

Dr. med. Petra Staubach, dermatologist at the Hautklinik (Dermatological Clinic) of Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz, Sonnenbergstraße 37, D-65193 Wiesbaden
Dr. Ursula Schöffling, pharmacist, Auf der Hill 39, D-54295 Trier

Department Reports

Report of the departmental work 2003/2004 (Eifler-Bollen)
Reports of the departmental work 2002/2003 (Tünnermann)
Report of the departmental work 2000/2001 (Hünerbein)
Report of the departmental work 1999/2000 (Hünerbein)


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