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Number and Professions

The number of full members meanwhile increased to more than 200 by December 1999. Under these are reprentatives from administrative authorites, private test institutes, universities, hospitals and firms. About 80 members are dermatological practioners or dermatologists at universities or pharmacists managing their own pharmacy or pharmacies in hospitals.

It is a special request of the GD to support the cooperation and the communication between these professional groups and to provide new scientific finding on the field of the Dermopharmacy to them in a practice-oriented form.

Some members of the GD released their E-mail address for publication:

Boventer, Dr.
Döben, Dr.
Korting, Prof. Dr.
Kresken, Dr.
Kori-Lindner, Dr. med.
Michaelis, Wolf
Reimann, Dr.
Pittermann, Dr.
Sander-Bähr, Dr.
Sievers, Jö
Spielmann, Dr. med.
Wallat, Dr. Siegfried


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