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Program of the GD's 3rd annual meeting (in German)

The GD Society of Dermopharmacy organized their 3rd annual meeting at the "Bundesinstitut für gesundheitlichen Verbraucherschutz und Veterinärmedizin" (BgVV) (Federal Institute for Sanitary Consumer Protection and Veterinary Medicine) in Berlin on Wednesday, 9 June 1999. On the previous day of the annual meeting a scientific symposium about the subject "Significance of skin models for the dermopharmacy" and a workshop on the subject "Dermocosmetics for dry skin" - concept for guidelines for development, documentation and dermatological examination" also took place. Both events have been organized for the GD by the departments "Dermatopharmacology" resp. "Dermocosmetics".

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April 1999: Guidelines for dermatological prescription passed

Extemporaneous preparations, i.e. the preparation of topica at the pharmacy is oriented by the patient on the one hand but falls back on standards on the other hand and requires a responsible quality management at a high degree. Guidelines consisting of twelve subjects take this into account. These guidelines have been passed on the occasion of a consensus conference organized by the Society of Dermopharmacy at Eschborn end of 1998.

The guidelines explain that the therapy concept chosen by the physician and thus a quality requirement regarding the drug as well as its application have to be known to the pharmacist and supported by him. In this context it is important that dermatologic prescriptions are made out precisely and unequivocally.

Eventually existing lacks of clarity have to be eliminated by physician and pharmacist jointly. Quality assurance aks for an exclusive use of certified base materials and preparations according to ApBetrO (Apothekenbetriebsordnung - pharmacy's rules and regulations) and corresponding to PharmBetrV (Betriebsverordnung für pharmazeutische Unternehmer - rules and regulations for pharmaceutical entrepreneurs) the use of ready-to-use drugs or in pharmacies prepared substances in compliance with recognized pharmaceutical directives. In addition, prescriptions should be composed under comprehensible points of view. Priority should be given to prescriptions which are contained in recognized and generally accessible directions as DAB, DAC, SR and NRF.

Contested prescriptions mustn't be prescribed, prepared nor sold. It is the physicians' and pharmacists' duty to make an assessment on the basis of the actual scientific state of knowledge and eventually perform a conscentious benefit-risk assessment.

Preparation and packaging of extemporaneous preparations have to ensure a safe, hygienically perfect application and sufficient stability for the application period. Microbially susceptible prescriptions require a suitable preservation - unless the physician explicitly expresses so. Preservations - as all medicinal active ingredients of a prescription are to be declared comprehensibly as to type and quantity and if possible in German language.

Furthermore, directions for use belong to each extemporaneous preparations as ethical drug.

Physicians and pharmacists are asked to consider the actual state of findings for the rational handling of dermatological extemporaneous preparations as a basis of a permanent training process and to further support the cooperation among themselves as well as with chambers, professional associations and specialized societies as well as drug producers in this question.

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