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June General meeting 1999 in Berlin

[Neu!]General meeting 1999 in Berlin

Following the 3rd annual meeting of the Society of Dermopharmacy (GD), the ordinary general meeting of the society took place in Berlin on 9 June 1999. Major activities during the last months have been the department work, several events and the preparation of the internet presentation of the GD.

The GD's chairman, pharmacist Dr. Joachim Kresken, headed the meeting giving an overall view of the satisfying membership increase which runs up to 198 full members in the meantime. Among the meanwhile 31 supporting members are the firms 3 M Media, Borken and Essex Pharma GmbH, Munich. Kresken welcomed the exchange of ideas which the GD pursues meanwhile with other societies as the German Dermatological Society, the secretary-general of which, professor Dr. Wolfram Sterry, stressed the stimulating and promoting part of the GD for the field of dermopharmacy.

Looking back on last year's activities, Kresken mentioned the organizing of the 2nd and 3rd annual meeting, the GD-forum dermopharmacy within the scope of the Expopharm-congress in Munich in October, the symposium about the significance of skin models for dermopharmacy, the workshop on dermocosmetics for the care of dry skin as well as the organization of the dermatological prescription at Eschborn in November.

The chairman stressed that these activities would not have come into being without the pronounced active commitment in the respective departments which have regularly met in the course of the year. Within these departments dermatologists, pharmacists, scientists of the universities and industry, representatives of public authorities and other experts gather information in order to establish guidelines regarding certain subject areas for the benefit of the specialized public and consumers which reflects the actual level of scientific findings.

Reports of the department heads:

Only a few hours before the general meeting took place at a press conference in which approximately 20 representatives of the specialized and public media participated, first results of the department dermocosmetics have been presented. It concerns the guidelines "dermocosmetics for the dry skin care".The head of the department, professor, Dr. Rolf Daniels, Braunschweig, stressed in his report that the guidelines which deals with the definition of dermocosmetics as well as its development, documentation and dermatological examination is a version which has to be further developed on a continuous basis within the department. Daniels announced as possible future projects the establishing of guidelines for products for sun protection and skin care.

The department extemporaneous preparations has been in charge of the preparations regarding the meanwhile passed guidelines of the dermatological prescriptions as main point of emphasis. These directives have been published in the 10th issue of the pharmaceutical journal of 11 March 1999. The department head, pharmacist Dr. Bernd Hünerbein from Naumburg on the Saale has already announced that still this year a hygiene guideline for the prescription preparation in pharmacies will be elaborated.

The highlight of the department dermatopharmacology has been the scientific symposium concerning the importance of skin models for the dermopharmacy. The head of the department, professor Dr. Frank Hevert, Freiburg, who designated his department as center of competence for the replying and processing of dermatopharmacological questions announced the publication of a catalogue of dermatopharmacological methods as an essence of the department's works.

The setting up of a department dermatotherapy suggested by the managing committee of the GD has been decided by the members of the society. The vice-chairman of the GD, professor Hans C. Korting, Munich, considers it as a possible task of this up to now not yet established group to establish guidelines concerning the benefit-risk relation of the main dermatic groups. This should be done considering pharmaco-economical points of view, which are deemed today as indispensable also in a scientific context. Members of the society which are interested in a cooperation with this department are kindly asked to address the GD's managing committee.

GD and Internet:

The GD will also inform about its activities by using new media in future. Member of the committee, Dr. Siegfried Wallat, introduced the recently established web sites of the society to the audience. The homepage of the society comes out under "" as of immediately. In this homepage the GD-archives, conference programmes, GD-publications and news from the departments will be published. Members equally have the possibility to present themselves in the internet. They can send their documents including photos for the establishing of an internet page (sample to be seen in internet page GD-managing committee) to the following address: Dr. Siegfried Wallat, Marie-Curie-Straße 9, 40789 Monheim at the Rhine. In addition, there is a possibility to make use of an E-mail service established. This service informs interested members of new internet pages via E-mail.

The date of the 4th annual meeting of the GD has already been fixed. It will take place on 24 May 2000 at the Dorint hotel, Freiburg under the leadership of professor Hevert.

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