GD - Online R. Neubert: Future of Pharmaceutics
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 Printversion or Abstracts 2001

Reinhard Neubert

Future of Pharmaceutics under Dermatopharmaceutical Aspects

Department of Pharmazeutische Technologie und Biopharmazie, Fachbereich Pharmazie der Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

Starting from the "classical" dermal formulations in the lecture modern vehicle systems for dermal administration are presented. Liposomes, multiple emulsions and nanoparts are shown and dis? and advantages of these systems are discussed. Regarding the liposomes the dermal administration of Transfersomes® is demonstrated because it is controversially discussed in the literature. The presentation of these vehicle systems is focused an their applicability for controlled drug delivery and for drug targeting, respectively. Using multiple emulsions and nanoparts it is shown that the penetration of drugs can be controlled by the liberation process.

In the second part of the lecture colloidal drug delivery systems are presented. First of all the dermal administration of microemulsions (ME), the theories regarding the mechanism of drug penetration from these systems and the advantages of ME for the transdermal administration are demonstrated.

Finally, the chances of colloidal vehicle systems are discussed and effective colloidal systems for dermal drug delivery are presented. Using simple galenic procedures it is shown that the diameter of the colloidal phase can be changed to influence the drug penetration.

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Neubert



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