GD - Online Ch. Surber: Topical Vesicles
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Christian Surber

Holistic Examination of Topical Dermatological Vehicles

Institut of Hospital-Pharmacy, University Clinics, Kantonssptial, Basel, Switzerland

Consumers, patients, doctors (dermatologists), pharmacists and researchers believe that topical dermatological vehicles comprise distinctive features. Depending an the point of view the expectations in a vehicle effect may be very different. Biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical?technological, pharmacological physical and cosmetic features are appraised by consumers, patients, dermatologists, pharmacists and researchers differently. It is analysed which features of a vehicle are responsible for distinctive effects. Furthermore known and novel vehicle taxonomies are presented. It is discussed which vehicle effects can be measured and how these effects can be influenced. The discussion is focused an the question whether the structural matrix or the sum of the ingredients (s. figure) are responsible for a distinctive effect.

PD Dr. Christian Surber



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